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Do you have an idea for a startup but need help implementing it?

What is this about?

To turn an idea into a real business or scale a startup into a stable company, you need large resources. Sometimes your own savings are not enough for this and you need a team of specialists. We can help you with this!

What is needed for this?
  • Brief description of the idea

  • Development stages (what has been done/what needs to be done)

  • Target segment

How we work


Discussing Ideas

Together with you, we discuss your ideas and tasks that the IT product should solve



Analysts study competitors, target audience needs, and determine the feasibility of ideas collected at the first stage


Forming Team

We assemble a team of specialists needed to implement the project. The composition depends on the scope of work and the specifics of the task


Working on Project

We write code, create designs, and test. When the MVP is ready, we discuss intermediate results with the client and refine the product



We publish the product online. Platforms depend on the specifics of the product



After launch, we continue to support the product and develop it