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Turnkey mobile application development for iOS and Android for businesses

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Mobile application development services

Turnkey mobile application development

Full cycle of mobile application development, from idea to product release. Includes design, programming, testing, and publishing on the App Store and Google Play.

Custom application development

Unique solutions fully adapted to your business tasks and user needs. We take into account all your wishes and specifications to create the perfect product.

Business application development

Special offers for corporate clients. We develop mobile applications that help improve internal processes, customer interaction, and increase business efficiency.

Cross-platform development

Applications that work equally well on both iOS and Android devices. This allows you to save time and development costs while ensuring wide audience coverage.

AR application development

Innovative solutions using augmented reality (AR) for your business. These applications can be used in marketing, education, entertainment, and many other areas.

Mobile application interface design

We design user-friendly and intuitive interfaces. We pay special attention to UX/UI design so that your application is not only functional but also pleasant to use.

Mobile application integration

Full integration of developed solutions with your current systems and services. This ensures seamless interaction between all the platforms and applications you use.

Application support and maintenance

We provide technical support and regular updates for your application. This includes bug fixing, functionality updates, and ensuring compatibility with new operating system versions.

Development stages


Analysis and planning

We gather requirements, analyze your business idea, and plan the project. We conduct market and competitor research to understand what features and capabilities should be implemented in the application.


Project and prototyping

We create the application architecture and develop interactive prototypes. We carefully think through the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) so that your application is convenient and intuitive.



We develop the visual style of the application, create layouts, and graphical elements. We take into account your brand book and design wishes so that the application matches your corporate style.



This stage includes frontend and backend development, server-side setup, and database configuration, as well as integration with external APIs.



Thorough testing of the application for bugs and shortcomings. Includes functional, regression, load, and usability testing.


Launch and publishing

We prepare the application for launch and publish it on the App Store and Google Play. We ensure compliance with all platform requirements and guidelines for successful moderation and publication.


Support and updates

After launching the application, we continue its maintenance, provide technical support, and release updates. We regularly update the application to support new features and ensure security.


It is important for the client to be involved at every stage of the process. This ensures successful implementation and further development of the product.

Tariffs and prices


From 150,000 to 300,000 ₽

Suitable for simple applications with basic functionality (information applications, calculators, or news aggregators)

  • Development for one platform (iOS or Android)

  • Basic user interface

  • Basic functions

  • Minimal number of screens

  • Publication on App Store or Google Play


From 300,000 to 600,000 ₽

Designed for applications of medium complexity, including more functionality and integration (booking applications, social networks, applications for small businesses)

  • Development for one platform (iOS or Android)

  • Refined user interface

  • Extended functions (geolocation, notifications, API integration)

  • Moderate number of screens

  • Testing and debugging

  • Publication on App Store or Google Play


From 600,000 ₽ and above

Ideal for complex and large-scale projects (corporate applications, e-commerce platforms, applications with unique and complex features)

  • Cross-platform development (iOS and Android)

  • Individual design and user interface

  • Full set of features (integration with external systems, complex algorithms)

  • Large number of screens

  • Integration with CRM, ERP, and other corporate systems

  • Extended testing and debugging

  • Technical support and updates

  • Publication on App Store or Google Play


Price on request

Each project is unique, so we offer the possibility of creating individual tariffs. Contact us to discuss the project details and receive a personalized commercial proposal.

  • Analysis and development of a unique project plan

  • Full customization to your needs and requirements

  • Specialized features and integrations

  • Constant communication and support at all stages of development

Factors that impact the cost of development:

  • Complexity of functionality

  • Simple applications, such as calculators or applications with basic information, will cost less. More complex projects, including features such as geolocation, social media integration, and in-app purchases, require more time and resources.

  • Platform

  • Developing an application for one platform (only iOS or only Android) is cheaper than creating a cross-platform application. However, cross-platform solutions allow you to reach a wider audience.

  • Design

  • The cost of development can be affected by the uniqueness of the design, the implementation of complex animations, and original graphic elements and effects.

  • Integration with external services

  • If your application needs to interact with other systems (e.g., CRM, payment gateways, social media APIs), this will increase the overall development cost.

  • Support and updates

  • Ongoing technical support and regular updates for the application also require additional costs.

To accurately estimate the cost of the project, contact us.
We will prepare a commercial proposal considering all your requirements and wishes.

Development time

  • On average, it takes 3 to 4 months to create a simple application.

  • Development of more complex projects (corporate applications or applications with unique features and integrations) can take from 6 to 12 months.

We always strive for effective time and resource management to ensure timely project completion without compromising quality.

Advantages of working with us:

Transparent pricing

We provide detailed estimates and adhere to the approved budget.

Individual approach

Each project receives maximum attention to fully meet the client's needs.

High quality

Our specialists have extensive experience and professionalism, which guarantees high-quality development.


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